Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Joy Clair... All Things Possible

Today will be a double post, as I unfortunately missed yesterday. First I will bring you All Things Possible, one of the Color By Faith series sets from Joy Clair. I knew as soon as I saw this set what one of my projects was going to be, and then came up with a second idea as well. With both projects I used the svg file to make my die cut, and how easy that is with my Cameo. 

 As a child I remember watching the television show Alice, and loved it when Flo would say "When Pigs Fly", come on who else remembers that. Well as soon as I saw this set, I knew that with God all things are possible, including flying pigs. So I had to make this card right away.

Then looking at the rest of the set, I knew this was my second project. While you may go through storms and trials, He will calm them and get you through them.

I hope you have enjoyed my projects, and stay tuned, I will have another coming in just a few minutes.


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