Friday, June 16, 2017

Self Inking Custom Stamps Made QUICK

SO, I applied for a new companies design team in December 2016, and although I did not make the team, they were gracious and gave a gift certificate for a custom stamp from their shop. I was quite excited about that as I did need to get some made for my envelopes when sending out Happy Mail. 

I decided on the FLAG UP Mailbox Return Address Stamp, and in the mail box I write my name each time. 

I have now used this stamp for almost six months and it is still as juicy as the day it arrived. It is in self contained packaging so all I have to do is take off the cap and stamp down, then replace the cap. No fuss no mess. 

The model number of the type I chose is Round Ideal 400R

I love the fact you have ten fonts to choose from, and eight colors as well. Shipping was very fast, I had the stamp four days after placing my order. 

SO, if you are looking for a re-inking custom stamp to be made, Simply Stamps is a company I will highly recommend. 

If you are asking yourself why I waited months before writing this post, I wanted to be sure to give a good review with appropriate information. Anyone can receive a product, use it once or twice and give a review. I gave this baby a workout and know it is good and feel confident to add Simply Stamps to my list of recommended companies. 


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