Saturday, July 1, 2017

How To Make Vinyl Gift Canvas Easy

Greetings friends and fellow crafters. LeeAnn here today with my first project as a member of the Tape Technologies team . Please Follow Tape Technologies, Inc on Facebook here

Our great nephew was two on June 30 and he is a for sure Disney Baby. We live less than an hour from Disney World and he lives 3, but he has been more times in the past two years than we have in the last 4. And he LOVES it each and every time. So, with that in mind when it came time to make my project I went with a Disney theme. 

Using Tape Technologies Ultra Metallic Vinyl I chose numbers Black 128 and Red 129 as my product to use. 
Colors available as of 6/30/2017 This is a 2 mil film with silver metallic flake giving you a great glittery sparkle. Each color is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. 

I used an 11" x 14" white canvas and spray painted it yellow with Krylon Short Cuts Hobby/Craft Paint Soft Yellow, and let it dry overnight. 

I then went to work on the computer. I used free fonts from to create the lettering for my project. The Fonts used were Waltograph, Walter, Budmo and Mickey and Minnie. Once these were downloaded I unzipped the files and started up the Silhouette Cameo Software. While doing this the fonts automatically loaded into the program and were available to use. 

I set the page settings as 11"x14" so that I would be able to make a complete layout of my project. 

I then typed out the statements I wanted line by line and after that was complete I changed the font colors to Black or Red to reflect the vinyl color I would be using. The next step was to set each in the font type desired. 

Once I had the layout ready, the fun part started. I first moved all the Red lines off the work space and consolidated the Black to the top half of the page, I set the vinyl on my cutting mat vinyl side up and sent it to cut. 

TIP: make a thin line between your cutting areas to make weeding the vinyl an easier job, especially with so many fonts. 

Once I had my projects excess vinyl weeded off, I was able to use Respositional Contact Paper as a transfer sheet. I used a credit card as a squeegee to get a clean pick up. 

Once I had all the black lines complete I did the same with the Red. I then started arranging them in the order they belong on the canvas. 
A few letters stuck to the vinyl when I was weeding my lines and I had to make a re cut to replace them.

Then using that same credit card squeegee I went to work smoothing the vinyl on the canvas. 
I then was double checking myself as something didn't look right, and sure enough I had mis-spelled Mouska, it is supposed to be Mooska, so I cut another o and fixed it. 

And within a short time after fixing my errors my project was complete. 

I hope you have enjoyed this project I have made. 


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